Rett Russell is a British country influenced singer/songwriter and guitarist based in Oxfordshire, England. Following a career playing in country rock and blues based bands in the North of England, Rett moved to Oxfordshire and in recent years has been writing, recording and performing across Southern England. 'The Road to Having Fun!', released in 2016, was his first solo album.

The 14 original songs drew on traditional and modern day country influences, as well as a wider range of contemporary music. A strong believer in writing from personal experience, Rett's songs embrace a variety of styles. Whilst often drawing on traditional or Americana/country songwriting themes like road trips, drinking, love and heartbreak, they also relate to experiences closer at home in the UK and Europe.

Three singles from the album: 'Country Boy', 'Fort San Antone' and 'Sugar in My Tea', all charted in the top 10 of the Hot Disc British & Irish Country Music Charts in 2016. They also received widespread radio airplay on over 50 country music radio stations in the UK, Europe, North America and further afield, with the song videos also being featured regularly on 'Keep it Country' TV. 'Country Boy', which reached No. 2 in the British & Irish chart, is also featured in the new Hot Disc 'Best of British & Irish Country 2016' CD.

As a result of this success, Rett was also nominated in the 'best newcomer' category of the 2016 Hot Disc Awards.

As well as playing regular live dates across the country (see gig page for further details), Rett has a series of single releases planned in 2017, the first of which 'She Got The Cowboy', features a collaboration with British piano playing legend Roy Young.

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